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About G M Rigsby Electric

Established in 2012
Gary Rigsby is a CA state certified electrical contractor and journeyman electrician. He has been in and around electrical construction since he was wiring houses for his dad in high school in Southern California.  He took time to pursue electrical and computer engineering in college and thereafter, but has returned to his roots as a second generation electrical contractor.  He has been working as an independent small business owner for the last nine years, contracting small to medium scale commercial and residential projects in the bay area.

Blending in-depth computer and networking knowledge with top tier electrician craftsmanship has allowed GMR Electric to occupy a unique market space.  Smart home integration, home theater, and data networking integrated with more traditional electrical infrastructure are the services at which GMR Electric excels.  Our work proudly has been installed in residences occupied by Mike Rowe, Carlos Santana, and Tyler Florence, among many others.

GMR Electric relocated to Calaveras County in 2017 and has recently initiated operations in the county.  Please contact us to discuss any of your electrical projects!
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